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The Reason How A Rs 4000 Phone Costs Rs 50,000 in Taxes

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and Federal Board of Revenue decided in a policy to charge user of mobile phones with taxes 15 times more than the actual price of the smartphone. This story is currently prevailing in the media.

Social Media is filled with a lot of news and postings f Ron public who are sharing that how a mobile phone that costs only Rs 4000 has become of Rs 50000 after inclusion of taxes.

How it Happens?? Let’s Have a Read:

Suppose you bought a phone of any brand worth Rs 4000. It revealed that the phone is not registered and you want to pay taxes.

For registration you have to get the IMIE number. Now assume that IMIE number of this newly purchased device is not real. In fact it is copied from some other device like Samsung Note 9.

Although your phone costs Rs 4000 but just because of the IMIE number the phone will be charged with the tax amount of Samsung Note 9. This tax will be collected by PTA.

In previous story, we have told you about DIRBS, a system that recognizes the IMIE number for registration of phones instead of knowing their model number or phone make.

So ultimately DIRBS will recognize the IMIE number and you’ll end up with paying high taxes for registration of the phone.

What is the Lesson That we Get?

Never buy an unregistered phone. The Reason behind this logic is that you are not familiar with the fact about its IMIE number that whether its IMIE number is real or fake.

And remember if it happens that the phone in your pocket is an IMIE number of some costly device then you will have to pay taxes up to Rs 54,000 depending upon the price of the phone.

PTA has forwarded the step by introducing DIRBS to protect the users from mobile theft and counterfeit the mobile phone smuggled mafias.

Now it’s your duty to check IMIE number of the phone that you are going to buy. For this purpose you have to send the IMIE number via SMS to 8484 or simply you have to visit the link.


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