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Samsung Galaxy S10 with Improved Fast Charging & ‘Bright Night’ Feature

The chargers that you get in your current Samsung flagships are 15W chargers. Samsung introduced this a few years ago and it was impressive at that time and still is. But rival companies have come up with better fast chargers which are kind an aged 15W solution. That however is going to change come Samsung Galaxy S10.

Ice Universe tweeted out that the 15 W chargers will soon become history. He didn’t provide any info by how much they are going to increase the number from 15W. But judging by his tweet, it seems it’s going to be significantly more powerful. And maybe it would be for S10.

Battery Status of Other Latest Smartphones:

Right now, Huawei offers a ridiculously powerful 40W super charger with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. This allows users to charge as much as 70% of the phone’s battery in just 30 minutes.

One Plus’s wrap charger provides all-day battery in just 20 minutes of charge.

Apple on the other hand still provides a meagre 5W charger inside the box.

The Galaxy S10’s Response to Pixels 3’s ‘Night Sight’

Samsung is working on a new night photography mode to take on similar features in rival smart phones. According to a report by XDA Developers, Samsung is working on a feature called “Bright Night”. It will allow users to take bright pictures even in very dark conditions. Just like how Google does with the Pixel 3 and Huawei does with Mate 20 Pro.

I think we knew this was coming. All flagships are adopting this type of feature.

Now the questions are:

Whether it’s implemented well?

With my opinion,

I don’t want a “night to day mode” like on the Pixel 3, which was basically turning even the darkest shot in to the brightest shot with Orange and Yellowish tint.

I want something more like Mate 20 pro, where it takes an actual darker shot, makes it clearer and obtain better details.

Is It Really Good to Use?

Yes, it’s impressive software for such latest smart phone regardless. But I think a night mode shouldn’t try to make an image super bright. It should capture better detail in otherwise darker shots where you would normally lose the detail.

Off course that being said, Samsung mobile news says that the production of the Samsung Galaxy S10 has officially begun. This is about a month earlier than expected, if the Galaxy S9’s production date is used as a benchmark. This might be due to the complexity of the display manufacturing process caused by the Infinity-O Design, as it requires a hole to be drilled inside the display. Anyway, that probably means that we can expect a lot of Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks going forward. So this smart phone is a big suspense!


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