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Oppo Reno Smartphone Series Will Launch On April 10

Oppo is a Chinese brand. Since its origin it has introduced many smartphones with bundle of varieties. Their phones have gained a lot of popularity among the mobile phone users. Even people who did not take interest ever in smartphones, have developed great interest in their phones. Oppo always tries to come up with something new, different, innovative and creative. This time Oppo is emerging with something really different and they called it Oppo Reno Smartphone Series 2019. As per information the new series will come on April 10.

Reno Series Teaser:

Oppo’s VP, Shen Yiren, some days ago have a hint that something very interesting and big is coming in a very few days. Now a teaser is gaining attention of public. The teaser depicts a message, “Say Hello to Reno”. One can easily see on the teaser it is written, “I am Reno”. Along with this statement there is the logo of Oppo.

Launch Date:

On the Weibo account of Oppo, company has officially announced that this new series will come in real on April 10.

What is New?

As VP said that something new and huge is coming so we are expecting that there is something great inside the pocket of Oppo. Unfortunately there is no more information about the new device. Some people are expecting that it may be a gaming phone. As nowadays gaming phone has gained much popularity and fame. But the secret will reveal on April 10. Till then the we have to wait. We will inform you about the series as soon as we get any clue.

Along with this Oppo is also launching another phone Oppo A5S. Its specifications have been disclosed and we have told you about them in detail.


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