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First Ever 5g Phone is Ready To Grasp the Consumers in 2019

OnePlus is expected to launch the first ever 5G phone in the year 2019 in between May. This announcement is made by the CEO of the company in a tech conference. Although it has been four years that people in Pakistan are enjoying 4G wireless communication, but outer world has entered into the battle of introducing 5G wireless along with the phones in coming year. After the successful involvement of 5G in South Korea, although this experiment was limited up to 6 cities yet with a view of expanding it to 24 cities, the European company has started work on smartphones that will accommodate 5G.

Because 5G is going to offer high speed, irresistible downloading, great resolution power and more capacity, there is a need of mobile phones that can lodge such characteristics without any interruptions. So the company is going to launch this first ever 5G phone for a UK based carrier.

The most important features of the mobile phones are considered to be high speed, lower battery consumption, more IoT (Internet of Things that include gadgets) with lower latency rate.

It is assumed that the Data consumption capacity of phone is going to increase up to 20 GB. This capacity is much more than the current in use capacity.

First of all company is going to unveil it in Europe, USA and then it will turn to East Asian States. The most interesting news about the phone is it will cost under $ 1000 as said by the CEO of the company. Quite attractive and affordable price it seems to be. Some other companies like Samsung and Huawei are also going to launch their 5G phones soon in 2019 but they didn’t confirm the news yet.

After the tremendous success of South Korea in applying 5G to video calling, robots and cars that are self-driven, now world is awaiting for the phones enabling them to use 5G and it seems that their wait is going to over soon. 5G phones are ready to capture the market in the mid of 2019.


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