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Black Shark 2 Came On Geekbench with 855 Snapdragons

There is good news for game lovers. As a new smartphone appeared at Geekbench for game lovers. Xiaomi has launched a new gaming phone with the name of Black Shark 2. Before this smartphone, Xiaomi has launched two gaming mobiles Black Shark and Black Shark Helo. We have told you about both of them.

Now Black Shark 2 appeared on Geekbench with great ratings. In single core test of Geekbench it scored 3516 while it scored 11,413 in multi core test. Furthermore the Android phone is coming with Snapdragon 855.

Black Shark 2 Came On Geekbench with 855 Snapdragons


As we have told you that the gaming smartphone is coming with Snapdragon 855. It is very interesting fact that this 5G enabled chipset.


As gaming mobiles require more memory so the upcoming device has 12GB RAM.


Latest software is also available in Black Shark 2 to support heavy games. It is running Android Pie out of the box.

There were some changes in the previous Black Shark Helo. Like it has a display of 6″ and the screen was full AMOLED. It has 2160x1080pixels of resolution. There was no physical key in this smartphone and the company has minimized the size of top and bottom bezels. We expect the same change in the upcoming device.


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